As well as welcoming visitors who drop in on our open days, the barn also from time-to-time receives slightly more unusual visitors or groups. You can read more about some of these groups/occasions below.

If you are interested in using the barn for any similar purpose yourself please get in contact as we’d love to hear from you.

BSA Owners Club

The local BSA Owners Club, East London Branch has visited us on several occasions with members only too pleased to talk vintage bikes with our visitors.

That's a wrap...

Students from RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts) were making a short film called ‘The Final Frolick’ as part of their degree courses. The period film is set in 1939 and follows three young men who are about to go to war – and one of them has a ‘romp in the hay’ before he is called up. It took two days of filming to create just four minutes of film

Incendiary bomb!

We always welcome donated items but one donation that caused a bit of a stir was a Second World War German incendiary bomb! Five police cars bowled up to investigate but it was the Met Police’s special munitions team which declared the bomb safe.

The Cloud Challenge

When it came to finding an ‘agricultural’ backdrop for The Cloud Challenge - a children’s TV programme – the barn fitted the brief perfectly.

Paranormal Group

A building that’s 573 years old has stories to tell and several paranormal groups have turned out at the midnight hour to investigate.

Bats in the roof

Bats in the thatch live a protected life. In amongst the Norfolk reed roof live Brown Long-eared bats and the rarer Pipistrelle bats.

Vintage Cars

Classic cars always attract attention with owners pampering their ‘pride and joy’ for all to see.