Upminster Tithe Barn

Museum of Nostalgia

Next Open Day: 2024

Welcome to The Barn

The Barn dates from 1450 and was part of an estate that supported the Abbey of Waltham. The Abbott’s hunting lodge next door was later converted to a private house and is now home to Upminster Golf Club.

It wasn’t until 1976 that the Barn was refurbished and then opened as an agricultural museum. Nowadays it is called “The Upminster Tithe Barn Museum of Nostalgia” and houses a broad display of domestic items from the last century as well as agricultural machinery.

About The Barn

Having stood for over 500 years the barn has a rich history

Inside The Barn

Learn more about the fascinating items found in the barn

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“Although the barn itself is 572 years old, the museum is actually a treasure trove of recent history with the collection a mish-mash of stuff from around approx the last 150 years. Take your grandparents and/or mum and dad if they are over 60 and they will love it as they will see tonnes of stuff they remember from their childhood.”
Philip Jones
Local Guide

Curiosity Corner

The barn is full of a wide array of unique and unusual items. This months curiosity is a 1900’s typewriter – Popular with letter writers of the time the device was a serious workout for the fingers when compared to modern to computers